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Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Presentation in english

Drawings and paintings.

Drawings: almost all the drawings are part of a project that has also proved to be a writing project. The title for the whole project is Cabinet des dessins; it is divided into several books, where prose and poetry share the company of the drawings. French and Spanish come close.

Two blogs aim at presenting this work in progress: Cabinet des dessins and Pictura. A third blog, Taller 59, exists in Spanish.

Drawings for Toulouse: friendship offered me the opportunity to make other drawings, which were to be exposed. This eventually happened in May 2007.

Paintings: under the sign of the Lettera Amorosa. I have done so few paintings, for someone who always wanted so much to paint. This observation shows how difficult it has been for me to access to the painting from the imprint of a Lettera amorosa. I had to wait. I had to wait, means: “this is how I always wanted to paint”, a song.

Writing has helped me to keep course.

Difficult trobar… Time has come to expose myself.

Thank you for your visit.



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